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Reforestation in South River Landing

South River Landing Community was awarded a grant in May 2018 from Anne Arundel County Forestry, in partnership with Chesapeake Bay Trust, for reforestation of portions of the common areas, using native plants, along with some removal of invasive plants.
Native plant material replaced lost trees with Red Oak, Willow Oak, White Pine, American Holly, Sweet Bay Magnolia, Eastern Redbuds, Dogwoods.
  • Native shrubs were planted also, including Mountain Laurel, American Beautybush, Viburnum, Virginia Sweet Spire, Azaleas, Silky Dogwood, and Witch Hazel.
  • Many pollinators were planted: Eastern Redbuds, Mountain Laurel, American Beautybush, Virginia Sweet Spire, Dogwoods, Azaleas.
  • Invasive plants are those that take over areas and can destroy wildlife habitats, such as Bamboo, which has been removed in the Nature Trail and will be monitored. Other invasive plants include:
  • English Ivy which chokes other plants and can threaten structures.
  • Privet which grows into impenetrable thickets that reduce light to other plants
  • Porcelain berry vine can quickly overwhelm and displace native plants.
Many of our community residents volunteered to assist with watering the native plant material and monitoring of the invasive plants.  
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